RA Rojers
Collection Consultants

Credit Union & Bank Services

Our results have earned endorsement by the MD & DC Credit Union Association. We currently serve over 400 Credit Unions & Banks nationwide. We have a staff of fully trained professionals that can answer questions, resolve problems, and give updates on accounts. We take pride in retaining clients by providing superior quality service.  We are SAE-16 Certified! 

There is no charge if there is no collection!

Our policy 'never close an account' proves very favorable with our clients. Accounts are closed only in cases of bankruptcy with no assets, death with no estate, or request by client.

Our Services Include:

  • Contingency Collections for overdrawn accounts, loans and visas
  • Preparation and referral of legal accounts, locally and nationwide
  • Repossession, we take care of all repossession letters
  • Skip Tracing
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Processing of Estate claims at no additional charge
  • Processing of Proof of claims at no additional charge
  • Online access to transmit accounts, view status and recovery reports. Our convenient online system 'Navigate' is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Pre-Charge Off Services
    • Phone calls
    • Letters
    • Skip-tracing
    • Repossession (with your approval, we take care of all repossession letters)
    • Bankruptcies (claims filed)
    • Estate Claims (claims filed)
    • Contingency Collections after charge off or when you decide

Credit Union & Bank References

Pentagon FCU

Abe Brand, 703-838-1378

Apple FCU

John 'Jack' Salemmo, 703-788-4887


Frank Brown,  301-206-8360

Dover FCU

Anne Sweric, 302-678-8000 ext. 3004

American First FCU

Randy Shumake, 800-290-1112 ext. 5245

Nasa FCU

Robert Kiel, 301-249-1800 ext. 478

Tower FCU

Susan Smith, 301-497-7021

Narfe FCU

Mike Mutchler, 703-914- 8700 ext. 1351

Security Service FCU

Wanda Tavitas, 210-476-4614

Military & Civilian FCU

Karen Walker, 877-883-1253 ext. 235

Client Testimonials

Wanda Tavitas, Security Service FCU, TX
'R.A. Rogers, Inc is as detail oriented as they are customer service oriented.'
Jennie Woodard, Nasa FCU, MD
'We have worked with R.A. Rogers for many years now, and our institution continues to see a considerable success rate in addition to a strong sense of customer service. R.A. Rogers is markedly committed to their work, and they have always given thoughtful, detailed, and reliable attention to our accounts. They are a delight to work with due to the level of professionalism they provide combined with their pleasant nature. We have been pleased with their quality of work, and fully intend to maintain our relationship with them in the future.'
Curtis Otey, DC
'R.A. Rogers, Inc is always willing to go the extra mile to represent the Credit Union industry. Exceptional client service representatives and great recovery. I have used this agency for many years at various different Credit Unions and have enjoyed being a client.'
Susan Smith, Tower FCU, MD
'Effective results increasing monthly recoveries on our accounts. They are a great team of people to work with.